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      Need highly trained, highly skilled workers?

      Contact us at 410-929-6127.

      The Center for Sustainable Careers provides companies in the Maryland region with highly trained, highly skilled environmental remediation workers. Since the program’s inception in 2003, we have developed a strong track record of world-class training and graduates that perform at the highest level. Over 80% of program graduates retain employment for at least one year.

      Program Features

      100% Comliance

      100% Compliance

      Our programs demand full compliance from all program participants, including a strict 40-hour per week training schedule. Absences and tardiness are not tolerated. Only students who complete the course without missing class time and who demonstrate proficiency are eligible for career placement.

      Highly selective

      Highly Selective

      Enrollment into the training programs is highly competitive. Each class admits only 10% of applicants.  B’more Green maintains an extensive waiting list that grows daily. Students are evaluated using both written exams (requiring a score of 70% or higher) and hands-on practicum where industry experts assess each student’s competency.

      Fully pre-screened

      Fully Pre-Screened

      All candidates must successfully complete a multi-step screening process that includes an information session, written application, criminal background investigation, urinalysis drug screening, OSHA respiratory physical examination, and several interviews with multiple project staff.

      Professionally trained

      Professionally Trained

      Our instructors and trainers are accredited environmental professionals. Their expertise in the industry ensures quality performance from our graduates.

      Our Programs

      Energy Retrofit Installer Training

      During their first month of training, individuals enrolled in our Energy Retrofit Installer Training will receive the following Certifications:

      • 35-hour Weatherization Tactics Course certified by the Department of Energy
      • One day EPA Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) training course
      • OSHA Construction Safety (30 hrs.)

      Our students are also required to obtain 32 hours of customer service and 56 hours of hands-on skill trainings. Our graduates gain expertise in making whole house energy improvements through two months of on-the-job training.

      Brownfields Training

      We employ the expertise of accredited environmental professionals to deliver environmental health and safety training.  Students engage in a rigorous five-week curriculum that results in industry-recognized certifications.  Some of the Certifications include:

      • EPA AHERA Supervisor (40 hrs.)
      • OSHA 40 hr HAZWOPER
      • MD Lead Abatement Worker (16 hrs.)
      • OSHA Confined Space Operations

      In addition, students receive non-certification instruction in Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments and ecology, including an in field practicum on soil and water sampling techniques.

      Solar Installer Training

      During their first month of training, individuals enrolled in our Solar Installer Training will receive the OSHA Construction Safety (30 hrs) Certification training, as well as basic math and science instruction.

      Our students are also required to obtain 88 hours of hands-on solar panel installation and electrical skill training. Our graduates gain further expertise in installing and wiring solar panels through two months of on-the-job training.


      …B’more Green enhances Baltimore’s Brownfields Initiative, administered by my office, by providing employers with a qualified workforce capable of addressing the contamination found at many of our sites slated for redevelopment.

      Gary Suskauer, Director, Brownfields Initiative, Baltimore Development Corporation

      As a Baltimore City resident, volunteer instructor and employer of a B’more Green graduate, I have been continuously impressed by the scope and quality of the program, the professionalism of your staff, and the aspirations of the program participants.

      Denise Sullivan, P.E., Owner, Urban Green Environmental, LLC

      For more information about hiring our graduates, please contact us at 410-929-6127.