Our Impact

Civic Works’ Center for Sustainable Careers (CSC) has pioneered a three-part model of workforce development, social enterprise and high-road business development for building an inclusive and equitable green economy.

Our 3-Part Model


Workforce Development

CSC’s workforce development component provides participants with the hard and soft skills training to succeed in family-sustaining careers. It has five career tracks: brownfields remediation, residential energy efficiency, stormwater management and solar installation, and through partnership with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, land resource management.


Social Enterprise

CSC’s social enterprise component provides on-the-job training opportunities for each energy efficiency, solar, and stormwater student, and functions as a model for inclusive hiring and employment practices within the industry.


Job Quality Advancement

CSC’s job quality initiative helps employers raise the quality of and expand access to their entry-level positions by committing them to equitable hiring and employment standards. In exchange, CSC helps grow these businesses by marketing them as socially responsible and channeling procurement opportunities to them.

Through this comprehensive program model, CSC is making Baltimore’s economy more equitable and sustainable.

Key Outcomes


unemployed and underemployed
Baltimore City residents have
graduated since 2003


of graduates have secured
family-sustaining employment


of placed graduates retained
employment for at least two years


high-road companies have committed
to CSC’s job quality and workplace 
equity standards

$9.3 m.

in procurement opportunities
channeled to high-road employers